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Vinyl Sheet Piling and Bulkhead Seawall Materials

CMI offers over 30 different vinyl sheet piling profiles for residential and commercial use.

To help you, we have listed the most popular residential seawall options below.

Most homeowners choose to go with ShoreGuard vinyl bulkheads as they are cost-effective, long lasting and plastic sheet piling requires little to no maintenance. Aluminum bulkheads & composite bulkheads are also available through CMI.

If youʼre considering an aluminum, composite, or vinyl bulkhead, the sheet piling you choose may also need a cap, tie-backs and walers to complete construction. Learn more about these sheet piling materials on our components page.

If you are a professional looking for specifications, installation information or commercial products, please visit An entire list of our sheet piling profile can be found in our technical library.

ShoreGuard Vinyl Sheet Piling

ShoreGuard, the original vinyl sheet piling, revolutionized the sheet piling industry 25 years ago. Until the creation of ShoreGuard, most seawalls & bulkheads were made of steel, concrete, or treated wood.

ShoreGuard has provided a more cost- effective, sustainable and attractive building material for seawalls that can be installed easier and last a lifetime without toxic coatings or preservatives.

ShoreGuard vinyl sheet piling is corrosion resistant, UV resistant and impervious to marine worm damage. See for yourself why ShoreGuard is the top choice for homeowners & contractors worldwide. 

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UltraComposite Sheet Piling 

Composite materials have been used for decades in structural applications including bridges, oil rig production platforms, and military armor. UltraComposite sheet piling is one of the most advanced building materials and offers many advantages over wood bulkheads. However, for residential seawall applications, composite sheet piling typically exceeds the necessary strength requirements. To see examples of UltraComposite sheet piling projects with the US Army Corps of Engineers, the United States Navy or other large entities, visit our civil website,

>> View our most popular composite sheet pile profiles.

GatorAluminum Sheet Piling

From airplanes to high performance racecars, aluminum is a commonly-utilized, proven building material. GatorAluminum is a line of marine-grade aluminum sheet piling from CMI that has been used for over 40 years in the construction of seawalls and bulkheads.

GatorAluminum sheet piling possesses a high strength to weight ratio and is produced using a special marine grade alloy.

In addition, GatorAluminum sheet piling exhibits excellent corrosion resistance making it a high-performing, low-maintenance material, perfect for harsh environments like salt water.

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