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ShoreGuard Vinyl Seawalls

ShoreGuard's Vinyl Seawalls: Most Popular Profiles for Home Seawall Construction

We are often asked which of our 30+ sheet pile profiles are most popular. To answer this question, we have listed our most popular residential vinyl sheet pile profiles for our customers to decide for themselves!

Remember, each of our vinyl sheet piling profiles offers a different strength or size. The right profile for your project needs will vary based on the size of your vinyl bulkhead, the soil type, and other site conditions. CMI can put you in touch with experienced contractors and engineers in your area; just contact us. 

ShoreGuard Vinyl FlatPanel FP-475

The FP-475 was specifically released for the residential seawall market. This mid-weight sheet piling has a flat front face that provides a more attractive shoreline and reduces wave noise.

The ShoreGuard FlatPanel line is available in multiple colors and custom lengths. If you are looking for a designer wall to match your outdoor living space, a FlatPanel seawall is perfect for you.

ShoreGuard Vinyl SG-425

The ShoreGuard Vinyl SG-425 sheet pile profile will help you build a corrugated seawall or marine retaining wall. Our patented box profiles, like the SG-425, minimize installation time while maximizing strength within the design.

ShoreGuard vinyl sheet pile profiles are available in multiple color options (including Grey, Clay, Slate and Brown). Speak with your contractor or engineer to learn how to build a bulkhead with the SG-425.

ShoreGuard Vinyl SG-325

To keep your bulkhead repair or replacement cost effective, you will want to choose the lightest sheet pile panel that meets your required strength and design needs. The ShoreGuard SG-325 is a lighter-duty panel than the 400 series. The SG-325 is also a box profile and features our patented I-Beam interlock.

When building a vinyl bulkhead, choose quality products and installation team who will make the most of your shoreline erosion control investment.

ShoreGuard Vinyl C-Loc-9000

This C-Loc panel has been a residential favorite for over a decade. This corrugated box profile panel is two feet wide, in order to minimize the number of locks required in your vinyl bulkhead.

Speak with your contractor or engineer to see if the CL-9000 is right for your vinyl seawall project.

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