Bulkhead Repair

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Avoid wall failure.
Choose the right materials.

ShoreGuard Helps Avoid The Cost of Future Seawall Repair

If you are building or repairing a bulkhead for the first time, then you may not be aware of the quality differences between materials. It is important to note that over a dozen suppliers and manufacturers have gone bankrupt or discontinued production in the last ten years. ShoreGuard has been manufactured for 25 years by a company founded in 1947. When it comes to investing in your property, ShoreGuard is the only material that has proven its performance.

Vinyl Bulkhead Repair   Vinyl Bulkhead Repair   Vinyl Bulkhead Repair

Avoid Future Bulkhead Repair

  • For 25 years ShoreGuard has been the most trusted and widely used brand of vinyl sheet piling for bulkhead installation.

  • ShoreGuard is made in the only facility in the world designed from the ground up to manufacture vinyl sheet piling.

  • ShoreGuard is the only vinyl sheet piling produced using XCR Technology. To learn more about the XCR difference, watch the video above.

The Best for Bulkhead Installation

  • ShoreGuard is the only vinyl sheet piling that meets all of the US Army Corps of Engineers specifications and is the only sheet piling to have been tested at the USACE Engineer Research and Development Center.

  • CMI invented and patented ShoreGuard in the 1980's and currently holds over 20 patents related to vinyl sheet piling.

Seawall Repair Due to UV Damage

  • Co-Extrusion provides a 100% virgin material exterior ensuring the long-term performance of vinyl sheet piling.

  • Over 5 billion pounds of vinyl outdoor building products are manufactured each year and 99% have virgin material exteriors.

  • Mono-Extruded sheet piling, even when containing UV inhibitors, is vulnerable to sun damage because of its exposed recycled scrap content.

Let CMI Help You Find a Seawall Contractor in Your Area

Over our 25 years manufacturing sheet piling and components, we have built up a large network of professionals from coast to coast. Contact CMI for a list of contractors, engineers and distributors in your area.

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